Seven-color Flower Sightseeing Area


Occupying an area of 80,000㎡, Seven-color Flower Sightseeing Area is a modern sightseeing agricultural flower theme garden combining the function of sightseeing, leisure, entertainment, and so on, with "rural, rivers, cabins, windmills and flower sea" as its design elements, the rose as the theme, matched by the enthusiastic coreopsis, the elegant verbena, the delicate and charming Chinese rose, the gorgeous red maple.... "There are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple; who hold this color rainbow to dance in the air." Numerous flowers gathering together allow visitors to appreciate the charm of seven-color flowers and integrate into the natural ecology. Chic and elegant viewing pavilion, Dingbu Garden road in search of fragrance, antique pedal waterwheel, the elegant stools used for rest are in a crossed distribution. Tourists can carry on parent-child interaction, share the family time, relax and enjoy the scenery, listen to the wind, breathe the fragrance of flowers, and get close to nature.

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