Dream maze is located in Caoyan town, Dafeng district, Yancheng city, Jiangsu province. The scenic area covers an area of 666,666㎡, with the historical origin of the allusion which narrates that the uprising leader Zhang Shicheng from Old Yancheng city used the maze to fight against the enemy at the end of the Yuan Dynasty. It creatively put forward the new concept of Leisure Tourism in Beautiful China with the "Maze, Paradise, Garden" in one. It is an integrated maze paradise which combines parent-child experience, leisure and education, competition and entertainment and studies and education.

Geographical position

Turn right at the exit of baiju at shenhai expressway for 1 km
Dafeng urban area 30 km
Dongtai urban area 20 km
Yancheng urban area 60 km

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Plants mazeIt is not only an intellectual competition, but also a visual enjoyment

With the theme of elk---Dafeng's characteristic resource, the plant maze looks like a giant elk strutting through the green fields while looking down from the above. There are over ten garden rest areas and games such as treasure hunting and adventure in the maze where visitors can enjoy leisure time. It is surrounded by various types of mazes, such as circular maze, children's maze, water heart-shaped maze, glass maze, etc., which makes visitors of all ages can enjoy the fun of maze. There is a central 20 meters high viewing platform in the maze from which you can enjoy the wind from all directions, appreciate the beauty of mazes and praise the creation of them. The Flower Castle at the exit is the beacon of the seeker's heart, indicating the way forward.

  • Catering and AccommodationGive tourists more diverse accommodation and different experiences

    Hexiangxuan owns a number of elegant private rooms, a Lingdian Hall which can accommodate 120 people dining at the same time, as well as a banquet hall which can accommodate 200 people holding various activities at the same time. High quality fresh green food materials are sifted out and authentic rural dishes are carefully cooked, which allows visitors to feel authentic local custom!
    Wooden Dream Restaurant is built along the water with two floors and a total of more than 600 seats, offering a variety of Chinese fast meals and drinks. With simple and bright decoration style and large view windows, visitors are able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the plant maze while relaxing.
    Covering an area of 6667㎡, Yongfeng Building is equipped with a banquet hall which can accomodate a thousand people, a Lingdian Hall, a buffet western style restaurant, large and small private rooms, etc.
    Dream Maze accommodation area includes Zhengguang Building, Renhe Building, Chunmanyuan, water log cabin, integrated building, Colorful Rubik's Cube Camp, having nearly 300 rooms of all kinds of suites, double bed rooms, big bed rooms and so on. Such a variety of architectural styles can meet the different needs of different people.
    Zhengguang Building is equipped with business big bed rooms, double bed rooms and suites. The name of the building comes from Mencius: living in the widest ( Guang in Chinese) house of the world, standing in the rightest ( Zheng in Chinese) position of the world, walking on the brightest avenue of the world. Watching the lake near the window, you can feel the lotus fragrance full of the house, bearing a great sense of integrity and magnanimity.
    Renhe Building and Chunmanyuan are equipped with advanced big bed rooms and double bed rooms, which are all quadrangle architectures of Hui-style. They are built along the water with white wall and black tiles which are unsophisticated and natural, looking like a meaningful water and ink painting.
    The water log cabin is an elaborate integration of dream maze, with luxurious big bed rooms, double bed rooms, coffee rooms and meeting rooms. Watching the lake near the window, you can feel the lotus fragrance and a different imagery.
    Colorful Rubik’s Cube Camp covers an area of 30,000㎡ and adopts the postmodern and unique container designs. The creative keynote of inner decorations are based on two major themes which are love and parent-child. The camp is dotted with single multilayer container rooms and small and big containers blend rooms. It provides not only comfortable guest rooms, but also many kinds of high-quality services, such as catering, entertainment, leisure and vacation, which brings tourists a different experience.
  • Leisure sportsThe joyful world of childish innocence

    Coldplay Dream Factory includes Trampoline Hall, Archery hall, VR Experience Hall, Naughty Castle • Development Hall and so on. It is not only the children's joyful world, but also adults’ choice for fitness, exercise and pressure releasing.Trampoline Hall occupies an area of 1500㎡ and is a large and the latest hall in China at the present. It is divided into Free Bouncing Area, Professional Trampoline Area, Slam Dunk Master Area, Ball Dodging Area, Diving Area, Ninja Space, etc. With 20 arrow ways, the Archery Hall, provides an all-round archery experience for archery lovers of different levels. Adopting virtual reality technology, VR Experience Hall allows you to be personally on the scene and experience the charm of black technology. Naughty Castle • Development Hall allows children to experience high altitude climb and feel the stimulation of crossing obstacles.
    Covering an area of 32,000㎡ and with a track length of 1.5 kilometers, Phantom Kart Course can start more than 30 cars at the same time and is the largest kart course in Jiangsu province. The course construction conforms to the international B level standards, where various kart competitions can be held.
    Thunder CS Confrontation Base occupies an area of 20,000㎡and can accommodate group confrontations of 100 people at the same time, allowing you to be personally on the scene, experience the stimulation and challenge from modern warfare and enjoy the fun and charm of the game.
    The Outdoor Development Base is built near to the Love Lake, including high-altitude development, flat ground development, water development and other all-round three-dimensional development items, which are suitable for group challenges.
  • Sightseeing and shoppingOne-stop shopping service

    Occupying an area of 80,000㎡, Seven-color Flower Sightseeing Area is a modern sightseeing agricultural flower theme garden combining the function of sightseeing, leisure, entertainment, and so on, with "rural, rivers, cabins, windmills and flower sea" as its design elements, the rose as the theme, matched by the enthusiastic coreopsis, the elegant verbena, the delicate and charming Chinese rose, the gorgeous red maple.... "There are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple; who hold this color rainbow to dance in the air." Numerous flowers gathering together allow visitors to appreciate the charm of seven-color flowers and integrate into the natural ecology. Chic and elegant viewing pavilion, Dingbu Garden road in search of fragrance, antique pedal waterwheel, the elegant stools used for rest are in a crossed distribution. Tourists can carry on parent-child interaction, share the family time, relax and enjoy the scenery, listen to the wind, breathe the fragrance of flowers, and get close to nature.
    There is a 1000㎡ specialty supermarkets in the scenic spot focusing on North Jiangsu specialties, including the yellow mud conch, crab spawn oil, jellyfish, shrimp sauce, drunk crab, Songhua preserved egg, rural eggs, Haifeng rice, Dongsha laver etc., offering the customers to experience the "one-stop" service.

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